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¿What is Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the natural juice of the olive. This is a winter harvest fruit from the olive trees. Only if it has a low quantity of oleic acid and if there are no imperfections in the taste and scent it can be qualified as Extra Virgin.
This type of oil does not need any refinement process to be consumed, marking the difference from "Olive Oil" which has gone thru this process.

Recetas de cocina con aceite de oliva

¿What is this recipe book?

This is a small presentation of several recipes of our traditional spanish cuisine. Tt is not meat to be an intruduction nor treaty of importnace of the olive oil or the rest of our products in the mediterranean diet.
The below recipes form part of a traditional knowledge passed on from generation to generation, most of them, gathered in manuscripts with detailed caligraphy. May these recipes serve as an honoring to great food.

Image of "Orange salad"

Orange salad

Oranges, salted cod, extra virgin olive oil and sugar.
PREPARATION: (before you start preparing the salad)
Carefully wash and grate an orange skin. Book this grating for last. Monde oranges while minimal white peeling. Cut into pieces and place in a wave source to keep all the juice. Sprinkle with sugar to remove acidity. Prepare in cod placing large chunks in a pan. Put the fire until they are a bit transparent. Then with your fingers to shred long strips. Mix it with orange, water it in abundance with our oil and stir well. To serve, garnish with orange zest. Get a nutritious and tasty dish that first surprise in any season.
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